Success Stories

Melanie S.
I’m doing the Acne plan with Deborah and this is the first time I’ve actually seen my skin change. I’ve had skin issues since middle school and have been seeing a dermatologist ever since. My skin was so sensitive due to all the prescriptions my dermalologist prescribed but Deborah has brought it back to life! Not only that, but I’m not breaking the bank with every visit! My skin is not only softer, not as red or dry but also I see less blemishes and imperfections! I’ve been waiting since I was 13 years old to see change and here it is finally! Thanks to Deborah and her products, my skin is finally something I can be proud of, with or without makeup!

Emily K.
Deborah has done an incredible job working with me on clearing up my skin! I’ve been visiting the dermatologist for 10+ years, and never did they tell me how certain ingredients found in makeup and skincare products can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Deborah recommended a few products for my skin type, as well as gave me a list of all ingredients to avoid using on my face. The changes have been extraordinary! My skin looks much more healthy and refreshed. I couldn’t recommend Everygirl Skincare more, she is the most thorough and explanatory esthetician I’ve ever seen!

Katharine L.
I’ve had two facials with this esthetician, Deborah, before she opened this location. (Sadly I no longer live in Austin, so I won’t be able to make use of this service as often as I’d like.)  I struggled with acne for over 17 years and the facials and advice really helped.  After my condition was more under control, Deborah also provided help with maintenance, anti-aging, and great follow-up.  I felt the appointments were efficient, but not rushed.  Even when some treatments can be uncomfortable (I’m not sensitive though, so peels were only mildly tingly), she knows how to make the experience as relaxing as possible.  She can provide products (but doesn’t pressure you to buy) and detailed advice on your home skincare routine; she really cares about her clients’ well-being.  I would highly recommend Everygirl Skincare as a place for acne help and/or affordable facials!

Stephanie K.
I never fully understood how acne formed or how I could manage break-outs until I began seeing Deborah. My skin was OK before (with tendencies toward minor acne), but Deborah took it to a whole new level of clarity and radiance! She knows her stuff and takes a holistic approach to acne which includes addressing lifestyle, diet and product choices. She communicates this in an informative and helpful way; she won’t make you feel bad for doing the wrong things! She’s a coach, walking with you every step of the way to clear skin.

Heather R.
I’ve been seeing Deborah for about a year and she has completely changed my approach to skincare! As a teenager, I had great skin– but college changed that. My freshman year, I started using pro-activ, which helped for a while, but then stopped working.

After my first visit with Deborah, I could already see a huge change in my skin. My complexion was not only clearer, but brighter. She designed a nightly routine for me to keep my breakouts at bay, and went through all of my makeup to see what I was using that had pore clogging ingredients. I love how comprehensive her approach is– when I would ask my dermatologist about my acne, he always recommended a prescription and I felt like we never really got to the bottom of why my skin was acting up. Deborah took the time to talk to me about all the factors that could effect my skin, and gave me a plan for what I could do to keep my skin clear.

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